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Gym and Fitness Centre

The hotel has its own fitness centre called The Gym. Our professional trainers offer weight reduction excercices as well as some free hand and cardio related fitness steps. The Gym consists of free weights including dumbbells , barbells , treadmill , rowing machines , benches , stationary excerise bikes and all work out machine.

The Gym - Fitness centre

The hotel offers a mordern and fully equipped gymnasium at the ground floor of the hotel , next to Kambui Terrace. The Fitness centre consists of all major equipments such as dumbbells , barbells , Treadmill , Rowing machines , Benches , Stationary excerise bikes and all work out machine. We have round the clock expert supervision on various excercises and fitness drills. We provide ; Muscle building training, Weight loss tips, Cardio, Crunches, Camarderie and Spinning classes.